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Great Quality Gloves - Make Light Work

The humble gardening glove was one of the first products we made way back when we started the Tannery here in Shropshire. And as such they have become one of our best selling and most recognisable products. 

Available in a range of colours and styles, there's a pair perfect for any gardener's personality. 

Over the years we've made our gloves for many top brands and retailers, selling all over the world. Perhaps our most famous fan is Princess Alexandra, who kindly sent us a letter thanking us for the pink gloves we gave her back in 2004. 


Royal Approval for Bradleys

They've even been seen strutting their stuff on the catwalk in Florence. 

Bradleys Gardening Gloves


And have been highly reviewed and recommended by many publications including our  Real Leather Gauntlet Style Gardening Gloves, which were featured in The Independent and The London Evening Standard as one of their Top 10 Gardening Gloves 


Bradleys top 10 gardening gloves


With the telegraph describing us as "The Range Rover of Gardening Gloves" when they featured us in an article seen here 


What makes our gardening gloves special is that unlike a lot of our competitors our gloves are handcrafted in our tannery right here in Shropshire. Each glove is unique, and crafted using the highest quality materials. They are functional, beautiful and extremely hard wearing. And when you choose to buy from us, you directly support Bristish craft and manufacturing. 

Handmade Gardening Gloves


Our customers love them, and we often receive comments about the durability and quality of our gloves. Here's a pic shared by our customer Lindsey Morris 

Bradleys Gardening Gloves

She said "I've had my gloves for around 20 years now. My ancient and much loved gloves, they've been the best. Will be replacing them with more of the same. Been with me through three gardens, brambles and giant old rose briars finally got the better of them."