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The rise of the industrial leather apron


At Bradleys our handmade leather aprons have always been popular attire for the keen gardener and provide much needed robust protection for a variety of tasks. 

Over the last year we have seen a rise in popularity of this once purely functional piece of industrial style kit.

We've seen barbers sporting our own denim styles and baristas brewing independently roasted coffee in leather aprons. We've watched as waiters bring over our food in industrial style restaurants and shop assistants wearing them as uniform.

The style is functional, practical and looks great as a fashionable piece of workwear. 

We've even had our clients The Nunhead Gardener feature in a Monocle Magazine film about their Southeast London garden centre. The staff all look great in their aprons. 


We're looking to launch some new style heritage aprons early next year and we can't wait to share them with you.